Frequently Asked Questions

What is Priam Digital?

Priam Digital is a digital music distributor & aggregator. 

How do we work?

We offer very flexible contracts with the aim to generate more revenue for our clients while not locking them long-term.  We usually work on a percentage revenue share basis but we also offer a paid plan for those starting out.

What is a DSP?

DSP stands for Digital Service Provider, it is music industry way of identifying a service provider like ex: Spotify, Apple Music etc.

This is where your music goes and gets streamed & sold.

How & When do I get paid?

First payment will take 45-60 days to get to you, then you will get paid monthly around the second week of the month.

What is Content ID?

Content ID is YouTube’s way to protect your intellectual property, identify, monetize or block the videos containing your music. Contact us for more details!

I got a claim in my video?

If you have selected Content ID as a monetization option your video will be monetized this way and you will get paid as any other DSP, if you wish to whitelist a channel you can do it by contacting us. 

If you received a claim on your video but you did not distribute the content please contact us

I still have more questions, can you help me out?

Always, we are available to talk anytime about your music needs or any questions you might have. Contact us. 

How do I sign up?

You can reach out to us via live chat or contact us form.